2023 Race Logo:

2023 Logo

In 2023 the Running of the Moskus returned as a live and virtual event.  Thanks to all the participants, you helped raise $12500 USD for the students at the Kangerlussuaq school.

2022 Race Logo:

The 2022 Running of the Moskus had 121 virtual participants and raised $7268.97 USD for the Kangerlussuaq school.  Thanks to all of those that participated and/or donated.

2021 Race Logo:

2021 Running of the Moskus

GREAT News! 2021 Running of the Moskus had 149 virtual participants and raised $4400USD for the school, which was transferred in late December.

2020 Credits

2020 Race Logo:

Thank you to all who made the 2020 Running of the Moskus a big success! Even though we could not run together in person, we had 113 people in 14 different countries come together virtually to run, walk, hike, bike, ski, and horseback ride to raise money for the students of Kangerlussuaq! We are looking forward to 2021 and the 10th ANNUAL RUNNING OF THE MOSKUS!

The 2020 virtual event raised over $4300 USD for the Kangerlussuaq School. Thanks to all for making the day special!

2019 Credits

2019 Race Logo:

running of the moskus 2019

2018 Credits

2018 Race Logo:

2017 Credits

2017 Race Logo:

2017 logo design by Matti Asmussen Vængtoft, a student at the school.

2017 Special Thanks to:

  • The Royal Danish Air force for letting us use their facilities.
  • To World of Greenland for busing participants around and more!
  • Air Zafari for contributing the grand price!
  • Ane Gudmundsson, Elsemarie Amussen og Layla Thomassen for helping with the Greenlandic text on the web page.

2016 Race Logo:

2015 Race Logo:

2014 Race:

2013 Race:

2012 Race: