Running of the Moskus

In 2023 the Running of the Moskus returned as a live and virtual event. We had ~230 sign-ups with about 125 in-person participants.  Thanks to all the participants, you helped raise $12,500 USD for the students at the Kangerlussuaq school.

Registration is Closed – please check back next summer 

Join the global community, as we support the Kangerlussuaq school with the virtual Running of the Moskus.  Run your race at your pace by yourself or with friends. Choose your location and time to run or walk on the trail, on the treadmill or on the road and support a great cause.

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running of the moskus in greenland
2018 Running of the Moskus Race in Greenland

Welcome to the home of Greenland’s Running of the Moskus race.

A 1/2 marathon and 5km race following the Watson River flowing from the Greenland IceCap.  The purpose of the race is to unite the community in a fun event and to raise money for the Kangerlussuaq School.

En 1/2 marathon og 5 km race efter Watson River strømmer fra Greenland IceCap. Formålet med løbet er at forene samfundet i en sjov begivenhed og at rejse penge til Kangerlussuaq-skolen.

1/2 maraton Imal. 5 km arpanneq, kuussuaq “Watson” sermersuarminngaanneersoq malillugu.  Siunertaavoq nunaqqatit nuannersumik peqqinnartumillu sammiswqartinnissaat.  Atuarfik atuartullu aningaasanik katersuiniullugit.


Contact us to find out how you can volunteer on race day!


Origin of Greenland’s Running of the Moskus Race

The first race was held in August of 2012 and was the idea of some employees of the original race host – Polar Field Services .  The number of participants in the first event was 50 and has grown  steadily over the years. The number of participants was over 180 in 2015.  As they say, not bad for a town of 499.   Here are some descriptive field notes from the 2013 event

The race is truly a Kangerlussuaq community effort. Many local businesses and groups, from tour companies to local artists and craftsmen, to the Kangerlussuaq school’s young student body, helps organize and host the event.

Message From our Previous Schoolmaster

“The school really appreciate the support from the musk ox run.” Mvh. Jens Borch Scharnberg
“…The money is being used to pay for small cottages in Denmark. Our 6 graders goes to Denmark for 8-10 days in May. From the cottages the children goes to visit places, that gives them a greater perspective in life.  It can be an Experimentarium, Planetarium but they also visit a school in Denmark and work places.  So the money is also for tickets.  The municipal pays the aeroplane tickets and the parents also make events where they earn money for the trip.” Mvh. Jens Borch Scharnberg