2023 Running of the Moskus Race Results

The 2023 Moskus Run race results are in:

5K Results

Place Bib Name Category Gender Time
1 59 Ray Stockwell Adult M 0:19:28
2 89 Magnus Nedergaard Adult M 0:21:11
3 69 Sarah Hornby Adult F 0:21:35
4 88 Troy Bauer Adult M 0:22:17
5 61 Salik Gronvold Adult M 0:22:31
6 74 Jack Marchant Adult M 0:22:32
7 73 Ewan Davies Adult M 0:22:35
8 94 Martin Allen Adult M 0:23:07
9 56 Emery Barrett Adult M 0:23:24
10 25 Juan Delgato Adult M 0:26:41
11 45 Chloe Bouscary Adult F 0:27:28
12 44 Marjolein Gevers Adult F 0:27:29
13 10 Mary Stuart Adult F 0:27:46
14 85 Natascha Sondeergaard Adult F 0:28:28
15 7 Bjorne Wolff Adult M 0:28:56
16 38 Scott Rachon Adult M 0:29:21
17 40 Joseph McCarter Adult M 0:29:21
18 83 Jørn Holbech Adult M 0:29:50
19 87 Denis Staerk Adult M 1:29:27
20 105 Morten Boller Adult M 0:30:42
21 68 Ylva Petersson Adult F 0:31:07
22 49 Jon Peterson Adult M 0:32:30
23 95 Ron Butler Adult M 0:32:41
24 5 Lars Jorgensen Adult M 0:33:55
25 20 Pia Falsig Adult F 0:36:10
26 26 No Name? Adult F 0:37:05
27 13 Paninnguaq Olsen Adult F 0:37:19
28 71 Simon Stenholt Adult M 0:37:23
29 2 Matti Vængtoft Child M 0:39:19
30 27 Sebastian Johansen Adult M 0:39:23
31 52 Lucas Hansen Adult M 0:39:26
32 35 Zascha Lyberth Child F 0:40:35
33 77 Oliver Qvist Child M 0:42:48
34 34 Ani David Kleist Adult M 0:42:51
35 64 Johanas Christensen Child M 0:43:29
36 1 Klaus Vængtoft Adult M 0:43:39
37 24 Berdt Danielsen Adult M 0:43:42
38 8 Vivi Gronvold Adult F 0:44:02
39 12 Bruno Bank Adult M 0:45:23
40 101 Tage Johansen Adult M 0:45:39
41 36 Ingo Johansen Adult M 0:45:47
42 76 Maya Larsen Child F 0:46:12
43 75 Mads Larsen Child M 0:46:13
44 58 Olaf Feldmann Adult M 0:46:22
45 54 Lisbeth Rasmussen Adult F 0:47:42
46 70 Ole Damgaard Adult M 0:47:53
47 79 Camilla Olsen Adult F 0:48:23
48 78 Heidi Schermer Adult F 0:48:23
49 4 Soren Lund Adult M 0:50:10
50 62 Aoy Nookaeo Adult F 0:52:02
51 57 Ane Ottens Adult F 0:52:30
52 19 Connie Falsig Hanson Adult F 0:52:31
53 72 Thomas Rassmusen Adult M 0:52:45
54 11 Klaus Nielsen Adult M 0:52:46
55 80 Ingrid Nixon Adult F 0:53:30
56 81 Kevin Clement Adult M 0:53:31
57 90 Mette Kirkegaard Adult F 0:53:45
58 84 Frank Feldmann Child M 0:53:49
59 33 Vera Jonathansen Child F 0:55:22
60 47 Rita Madsen Adult F 0:55:24
61 28 Bente Sieqstad Adult F 0:58:27
62 55 Johanna Olesen Adult F 0:58:28
63 15 Petrus Nihodemussen Adult M 0:59:38
64 93 Helena Liberth Adult F 0:59:48
65 92 Junior Liberth Child M 0:59:49
66 21 Rosa Fleischer Adult F 1:00:13
67 31 Kattaaraq Jonathansen Child F 1:00:13
68 46 Dortheeraq Kleist Child F 1:00:23
69 67 Ivaaq Christensen Adult M 1:00:29
70 63 Andreas Christensen Child M 1:00:38
71 32 Avortungiaq Aaronsen Child F 1:00:40
72 86 Anika Liberth Child F 1:00:44
73 60 Adam Liberth Adult M 1:00:46
74 82 Mingus Rasmussen Child M 1:02:24
75 30 Tomteen Child M 1:02:26
76 96 Markus Lentz Adult M 1:02:27
77 66 Per Mikkelsen Adult M 1:02:29
78 65 Julia Mikkelsen Child F 1:02:33
79 22 Frederik Jonassen Adult M 1:08:47
80 14 Aleqooraq Thorsen Adult F 1:08:49
81 53 Ib Nielsen Adult M 1:09:40
82 91 John Risager Adult M 1:09:42
83 3 Magnus Vængtoft Child M 1:13:15
84 9 Inuk Gronvold Child M 1:13:19
85 97 Susan Andersen Adult F 1:15:55
86 98 Suusaat Poulsen Adult F 1:15:56
87 99 Paarnaq Lyberth Child F 1:16:00
88 100 Navarana Lyberth Child F 1:16:00
89 48 Soren Hansen Adult M DNF
90 6 Karna Pivat Child F DNF
91 23 Polly Magnussen Adult F DNF
92 29 Laerke Quist Adult M DNF
93 37 Aqqa Jonathansen Child M DNF
94 41 Robert Haupt Adult M DNF
95 50 Frank Peterson Adult M DNF

1/2 Marathon Results

Place Bib Name Category Gender Time
1 39 Joshua Seeberger Adult M 1:31:43
2 17 Wilfred Steensby Adult M 1:53:38
3 18 Kim Pliniussen Adult M 1:56:52
4 16 Faye Perchanok Adult F 2:04:06
5 43 Enos Lyberth Adult M 2:13:56
6 42 Otto Johansen Adult M 2:30:12

2023 Information

Running of the Moskus was Back In-Person in 2023!

2023 Logo

In 2023 the Running of the Moskus returned as a live and virtual event. We had ~230 sign-ups with about 125 in-person participants.  Thanks to all the participants, you helped raise $12,500 USD for the students at the Kangerlussuaq school.

Design the 2024 T-Shirt

Want to be our featured artist for 2024?  Help us design next year’s t-shirt. Send your design ideas to angela@polarfield.com

2022 Race Information

2022 VIRTUAL EVENT! – 8 October 2022

Please join us in supporting the 2022 event from anywhere you are on the planet – Race day is 10/8/2022. Registration deadline is 10/6/2022.  Please click the “race registration” link to sign up!   Enter as a “VIRTUAL” if your t-shirt will be sent within the USA and “VIRTUAL INTERNATIONAL” if your t-shirt will be sent outside the USA.

We will email you a race bib before the date to wear no later than 7 October!  All participants will receive the 2022 event t-shirt in the mail (after race day), and all proceeds will be donated to the Kangerlussuaq school.

Save the Date – 8 October 2022! Virtual Running of the Moskus

It’s the 11th annual Running of the Moskus!

Please join us in supporting the 2022 event from anywhere you are on the planet – Race day is 10/8/22.  Please feel free to click the “race registration” link to sign up!  Enter as a “VIRTUAL” if your t-shirt will be sent within the USA and “VIRTUAL INTERNATIONAL” if your t-shirt will be sent outside the USA.

We will email you a race bib before the date to wear on 8 October!  All participants will receive the 2022 event t-shirt in the mail (after race day), and all proceeds will be donated to the Kangerlussuaq school.

2020 VIRTUAL EVENT! – 24 October 2020

Please join us in supporting the 2020 event from anywhere you are on the planet – Race day is 10/24/20. Registration deadline is also 10/24/20.  Please click the “race registration” link to sign up!   Enter as a “VIRTUAL” if your t-shirt will be sent within the USA and “VIRTUAL INTERNATIONAL” if your t-shirt will be sent outside the USA.

We will email you a race bib before the date to wear on 24 October!  All participants will receive the 2020 event t-shirt in the mail (after race day), and all proceeds will be donated to the Kangerlussuaq school.

2019 Running of the Moskus Race Results

The 2019 Moskus Run race results are in:

1/2 Marathon Results:

189Anton AbramsenMale1:35:38.0
294Sebastian Hannula Male1:45:43.4
3100 Kai SattlerMale1:46:03.1
496Louise VickmanFemale2:00:47.5
591Rene MunchMale2:01:52.1
6402Nanna SteffensenFemale2:03:19.0
7281Evelina KallstromFemale2:07:15.8
892Martin Van OykMale2:09:47.7
9125Peter JohansenMale2:11:00.0
10401Stina KristoffersenFemale2:14:41.9
1195Alexx DruggeFemale2:16:34.7
1290Anders KyedMale2:27:00.5
1398Jon PedersenMale2:39:23.6
14400Rens HofmanMale2:46:51.0
1593Kristian TittussenMale2:47:50.1
16282Milas GundersenMale2:56:12.4
1797Pernille JorgensenFemale3:05:06.9
182Neils MollerMale3:05:12.7
191Lil OxenholtFemale3:05:14.5
203Birthe MortensenFemale3:05:27.7
2180Kim AndersenMale3:05:30.2
224Holger Hey MortensenMale3:05:38.9
2399Ottar HuberMale3:21:59.2
24403Laila WedelFemale3:22:51.7
Overall – Female
196Louise VickmanFemale2:00:47.5
2402Nanna SteffensenFemale2:03:19.0
3281Evelina KallstromFemale2:07:15.8
4401Stina KristoffersenFemale2:14:41.9
595Alexx DruggeFemale2:16:34.7
697Pernille JorgensenFemale3:05:06.9
71Lil OxenholtFemale3:05:14.5
83Birthe MortensenFemale3:05:27.7
9403Laila WedelFemale3:22:51.7
Overall – Male
189Anton AbramsenMale1:35:38.0
294Kai SattlerMale1:59:43.4
3100Sebastian HannulaMale2:00:03.1
491Rene MunchMale2:01:52.1
592Martin Van OykMale2:09:47.7
6125Peter JohansenMale2:11:00.0
790Anders KyedMale2:27:00.5
898Jon PedersenMale2:39:23.6
9400Rens HofmanMale2:46:51.0
1093Kristian TittussenMale2:47:50.1
11282Milas GundersenMale2:56:12.4
122Neils MollerMale3:05:12.7
1380Kim AndersenMale3:05:30.2
144Holger Hey MortensenMale3:05:38.9
1599Ottar HuberMale3:21:59.2

5k Results

144Jimmy MarkstromMale20:48.7
251Martin AllenMale21:08.7
3305Isaac DawsonMale21:56.9
4348Jens SendergaardMale22:29.8
5359Emilio BernalMale23:14.8
6304Hannah CowieFemale23:23.8
7326Christian Juncher JorgensenMale24:46.7
8364Wayne RileyMale24:54.8
933Matti AsmussenMale25:58.1
1010Jean McCormackFemale26:07.2
11351Kris KamburelisMale26:11.2
12303Anders CarlsenMale26:17.3
13319Marius HansenMale26:33.7
1439Klara LindquistFemale26:41.6
15356Annette HansenFemale26:52.5
1676Chris HendriksenMale27:45.1
1757Tobias SchmithMale28:03.2
1853Steve SloseckMale28:29.5
1952Dino GuthrieMale28:30.4
2040Cecilia VickmanFemale29:22.0
2119Soren JelagerMale29:35.6
22318Peter HansenMale29:38.1
239Lene Van OykFemale30:24.2
24347Kristoffer SchouMale31:16.0
2538Malin BlombergMale31:38.9
26350Jessica BadgeroFemale31:45.8
27352Courtney QuinnFemale31:48.8
28300Lykke HoffmannFemale31:58.5
2926Vivi GrenvoldFemale32:04.9
3073Jakob EgedeMale32:31.4
31344Carl ScharnbergMale32:41.5
3255Suzanne McGowanFemale32:50.7
33311Kuke HoffmannFemale33:01.9
34307Mille GundersenFemale33:04.3
357Leonora FaltstromFemale33:11.7
36317Eva HansenFemale33:15.4
37354Thomas ZiekeMale33:25.7
38316Anya HawkinsFemale33:45.4
3930Serminguaq UlloriaqFemale34:14.1
4020Maria JelagerFemale35:10.4
4146Joey JorgensenMale35:13.2
4254Amanda BursonFemale35:22.9
43302Katie BerryFemale36:44.5
448Ellinor JakobssonFemale37:58.5
45361Karen S. DavidsonFemale38:29.5
46327Anna KalishFemale38:52.7
47334Lucy McAdamFemale38:54.9
4868Bendt DanielsenMale39:22.9
4941Helga-Marie ThomsonFemale39:28.8
50349Stanley ShraderMale40:02.6
51340Oliver QuistMale40:06.5
5279Sorlanguaq AbrahamsenMale40:10.3
53353Jeff MillerMale41:01.8
5437Johan SvedinMale42:23.2
55330Maja KlerkFemale42:38.4
56365Patricia GuldhammerFemale43:38.5
57341Heidi SchermerFemale43:49.7
58358Rick GiftMale46:26.0
59368Lola HansenFemale47:26.3
60360Laerke QuistFemale47:30.8
61357Minik OlesenMale47:37.3
6234Magnus AsmussenMale50:10.6
6322Viola JelagerFemale50:15.8
6421Kamma JelagerFemale51:04.3
65337Julie MikkelsenFemale51:19.7
66346Fanny ScharnbergFemale51:28.0
6772Ani-David KleistMale51:40.6
6866Inunnguaq FontainMale51:41.9
6950Rosannguaq JohansenFemale51:50.5
7047Dennis JorgensenMale51:51.6
7148Vivian JohansenFemale51:52.3
7249Nikisa JohansenFemale51:56.6
73342Darla RicheyFemale52:50.1
74345Christiane ScharnbergFemale52:55.3
75355Lis AsmussenFemale52:58.9
76362Jens ScharnbergFemale53:07.8
7717Andreas ChristensenMale54:31.4
7815Marit JohnsonFemale54:38.0
7969Bruno BankMale55:15.8
80312Ebbe HoffmanMale55:16.7
8167Aqqa JonathansenMale56:37.2
8214Ian DavidsenMale56:50
83366Christina AndersenFemale57:20.4
8412Maya RasmussenFemale57:22.3
8529Aatitaaq UlloriaqFemale57:38.9
8631Qiajunguaq UlloriaqFemale57:40.1
8728Peter ThorsenMale57:41.0
88338Nadja NaakaeiFemale58:17.8
89335Per MikkelsenMale58:19.1
9071Margit KristensenFemale58:22.3
9170Bent KristensenMale58:25.0
92332Minik KochMale59:07.6
93310Milo GundersenMale1:01:54.7
94331Palle KochMale1:01:58.0
95313Bjarne GundersenMale1:02:14.3
9625Thomas RasmussenMale1:02:16.5
9724Mingus RasmussenMale1:02:29.2
9818Johannes ChristensenMale1:06:55.9
9916Ivaaq ChristensenMale1:06:57.0
10062Polly MagnussenFemale1:07:04.3
101315Pipaluk HeilmannFemale1:07:06.7
1025Krisztina RakolcaiFemale1:07:16.6
103336Marget MikkelsenFemale1:07:33.2
104367Sikkersoq PlatouFemale1:08:01.7
105301Nataja HoffmannFemale1:08:11.3
10682Mille AskegaaroFemale1:08:14.3
10735Mette Kierkegaard 2Male1:10:16.8
10836Mette Kierkegaard 1Female1:10:20.6
10923Laurents JelagerMale1:10:44.0
11074Malik LennertMale1:15:16.1
11164Joelsine ImakaFemale1:15:17.3
11265Annabella KlimeFemale1:15:19.9
113339Arsugaq Olsen LyberthMale1:17:37.9
114343Alina SandreenFemale1:17:42.5
11513Sumaly KhunFemale1:18:05.5
11656Karen LyberthFemale1:18:40.0
11761Rene NielsenMale1:18:43.7
11863Karna PivotFemale1:20:05.5
11975Julia InusuqtokFemale1:20:12.4
12059Lars VintnerMale1:23:48.8
121321Marianna HougardFemale1:30:35.4
122320Emielda HougardFemale1:31:05.7
123322Flemming HougardMale1:31:11.1
1246Morten ThomsenMale2:03:09.0
12511Joel McCormackMale2:03:09.8
12627Inuk GrenvoldMale2:03:10.3
12732Nunu VaengtoftMale2:03:10.9
12842Aviana OlsenFemale2:03:11.5
12943Jornamarie LarsenFemale2:03:12.0
13045Lucas JorgensenMale2:03:12.5
13158Aviaq HeilmannFemale2:03:13.0
13260Malik EnoksenMale2:03:13.5
13377Birgit DietzFemale2:03:14.0
134306Hannah Enholm KetolaFemale2:03:14.5
135308Nanu F. LyberthMale2:03:14.9
136309Paninnguaq F. LyberthFemale2:03:15.7
137314Einar GunnarssonMale2:03:16.2
138328Nuka Argalu KallMale2:03:16.7
139329Marie KirkFemale2:03:17.1
140333Pipa LarsenFemale2:03:17.6
Overall – Female
1304Hannah CowieFemale23:23.8
210Jean McCormackFemale26:07.2
339Klara LindquistFemale26:41.6
4356Annette HansenFemale26:52.5
540Cecilia VickmanFemale29:22.0
69Lene Van OykFemale30:24.2
7350Jessica BadgeroFemale31:45.8
8352Courtney QuinnFemale31:48.8
9300Lykke HoffmannFemale31:58.5
1026Vivi GrenvoldFemale32:04.9
1155Suzanne McGowanFemale32:50.7
12311Kuke HoffmannFemale33:01.9
13307Mille GundersenFemale33:04.3
147Leonora FaltstromFemale33:11.7
15317Eva HansenFemale33:15.4
16316Anya HawkinsFemale33:45.4
1730Serminguaq UlloriaqFemale34:14.1
1820Maria JelagerFemale35:10.4
1954Amanda BursonFemale35:22.9
20302Katie BerryFemale36:44.5
218Ellinor JakobssonFemale37:58.5
22361Karen S. DavidsonFemale38:29.5
23327Anna KalishFemale38:52.7
24334Lucy McAdamFemale38:54.9
2541Helga-Marie ThomsonFemale39:28.8
26330Maja KlerkFemale42:38.4
27365Patricia GuldhammerFemale43:38.5
28341Heidi SchermerFemale43:49.7
29368Lola HansenFemale47:26.3
30360Laerke QuistFemale47:30.8
3122Viola JelagerFemale50:15.8
3221Kamma JelagerFemale51:04.3
33337Julie MikkelsenFemale51:19.7
34346Fanny ScharnbergFemale51:28.0
3550Rosannguaq JohansenFemale51:50.5
3648Vivian JohansenFemale51:52.3
3749Nikisa JohansenFemale51:56.6
38342Darla RicheyFemale52:50.1
39345Christiane ScharnbergFemale52:55.3
40355Lis AsmussenFemale52:58.9
41362Jens ScharnbergFemale53:07.8
4215Marit JohnsonFemale54:38.0
43366Christina AndersenFemale57:20.4
4412Maya RasmussenFemale57:22.3
4529Aatitaaq UlloriaqFemale57:38.9
4631Qiajunguaq UlloriaqFemale57:40.1
47338Nadja NaakaeiFemale58:17.8
4871Margit KristensenFemale58:22.3
4962Polly MagnussenFemale1:07:04.3
50315Pipaluk HeilmannFemale1:07:06.7
515Krisztina RakolcaiFemale1:07:16.6
52336Marget MikkelsenFemale1:07:33.2
53367Sikkersoq PlatouFemale1:08:01.7
54301Nataja HoffmannFemale1:08:11.3
5582Mille AskegaaroFemale1:08:14.3
5636Mette Kierkegaard 1Female1:10:20.6
5764Joelsine ImakaFemale1:15:17.3
5865Annabella KlimeFemale1:15:19.9
59343Alina SandreenFemale1:17:42.5
6013Sumaly KhunFemale1:18:05.5
6156Karen LyberthFemale1:18:40.0
6263Karna PivotFemale1:20:05.5
6375Julia InusuqtokFemale1:20:12.4
64321Marianna HougardFemale1:30:35.4
65320Emielda HougardFemale1:31:05.7
6642Aviana OlsenFemale2:03:11.5
6743Jornamarie LarsenFemale2:03:12.0
6858Aviaq HeilmannFemale2:03:13.0
6977Birgit DietzFemale2:03:14.0
70306Hannah Enholm KetolaFemale2:03:14.5
71309Paninnguaq F. LyberthFemale2:03:15.7
72329Marie KirkFemale2:03:17.1
73333Pipa LarsenFemale2:03:17.6
Overall – Male
144Jimmy MarkstromMale20:48.7
251Martin AllenMale21:08.7
3305Isaac DawsonMale21:56.9
4348Jens SendergaardMale22:29.8
5359Emilio BernalMale23:14.8
6326Christian Juncher JorgensenMale24:46.7
7364Wayne RileyMale24:54.8
833Matti AsmussenMale25:58.1
9351Kris KamburelisMale26:11.2
10303Anders CarlsenMale26:17.3
11319Marius HansenMale26:33.7
1276Chris HendriksenMale27:45.1
1357Tobias SchmithMale28:03.2
1453Steve SloseckMale28:29.5
1552Dino GuthrieMale28:30.4
1619Soren JelagerMale29:35.6
17318Peter HansenMale29:38.1
18347Kristoffer SchouMale31:16.0
1938Malin BlombergMale31:38.9
2073Jakob EgedeMale32:31.4
21344Carl ScharnbergMale32:41.5
22354Thomas ZiekeMale33:25.7
2346Joey JorgensenMale35:13.2
2468Bendt DanielsenMale39:22.9
25349Stanley ShraderMale40:02.6
26340Oliver QuistMale40:06.5
2779Sorlanguaq AbrahamsenMale40:10.3
28353Jeff MillerMale41:01.8
2937Johan SvedinMale42:23.2
30358Rick GiftMale46:26.0
31357Minik OlesenMale47:37.3
3234Magnus AsmussenMale50:10.6
3372Ani-David KleistMale51:40.6
3466Inunnguaq FontainMale51:41.9
3547Dennis JorgensenMale51:51.6
3617Andreas ChristensenMale54:31.4
3769Bruno BankMale55:15.8
38312Ebbe HoffmanMale55:16.7
3967Aqqa JonathansenMale56:37.2
4014Ian DavidsenMale56:50
4128Peter ThorsenMale57:41.0
42335Per MikkelsenMale58:19.1
4370Bent KristensenMale58:25.0
44332Minik KochMale59:07.6
45310Milo GundersenMale1:01:54.7
46331Palle KochMale1:01:58.0
47313Bjarne GundersenMale1:02:14.3
4825Thomas RasmussenMale1:02:16.5
4924Mingus RasmussenMale1:02:29.2
5018Johannes ChristensenMale1:06:55.9
5116Ivaaq ChristensenMale1:06:57.0
5235Mette Kierkegaard 2Male1:10:16.8
5323Laurents JelagerMale1:10:44.0
5474Malik LennertMale1:15:16.1
55339Arsugaq Olsen LyberthMale1:17:37.9
5661Rene NielsenMale1:18:43.7
5759Lars VintnerMale1:23:48.8
58322Flemming HougardMale1:31:11.1
596Morten ThomsenMale2:03:09.0
6011Joel McCormackMale2:03:09.8
6127Inuk GrenvoldMale2:03:10.3
6232Nunu VaengtoftMale2:03:10.9
6345Lucas JorgensenMale2:03:12.5
6460Malik EnoksenMale2:03:13.5
65308Nanu F. LyberthMale2:03:14.9
66314Einar GunnarssonMale2:03:16.2
67328Nuka Argalu KallMale2:03:16.7

Running of Moskus 2019 Race Dates Announced!

It’s summer in Greenland and it’s time to break out those running shoes again!

greenland run
Get your run on in Greenland

What you need to know for 2019:

  • WHAT: A 5km FunRun and 1/2 Marathon race following the Watson River flowing from the Greenland IceCap near beautiful Kangerlussuaq.
  • WHEN: August 11, 2019
  • WHY: It’s a fun way to unite the community and raise money for the Kangerlussuaq School.

Stay tuned for more info and more updates!

race, runners, greenland
Moskus Run registration table and post-run BBQ. Photos: Tracy Sheeley